The Exhibit team at the Dubois County Museum is ready to unveil their newest exhibit on March 1, 2023. It is
called “A Stitch in Time” and is looking at things that involve sewing and stitchery. Pulling from the vast
collection of museum items and involving local craftsmen and the Patoka Valley Quilters Guild, the
exhibit space is filled with display items such as quilts, sewing equipment such as machines and bobbins,
knitting and crocheting items, tatting, hand stitched dresses and clothes, a loom and examples of
weaving. Many local people have provided examples of their workmanship and quilts are on display
through out the museum exhibits. The exhibit team noted many areas already had a sewing item on
display and are inviting visitors to use the guide the museum is providing to seek out these examples.
Some items of note are such: A quilting frame used by one of the very earliest settlers to live in Dubois
County, Jane McDonald, on display on the east side of the log home. It is believed to be the oldest
quilting frame in Dubois County. A quilt top made of feed sack material is on display in the mill section
in the museum’s far eastern corner. It is a gift from Roxanne Uppencamp. More quilts and clothes in the
mill display from feed sacks were given by Esther Kellams and made from printed feed sack material that
was obtained from her family feed store, Bartley’s Store in Ireland, in the 1940’s. Girl Scout Troop 49 of
Haysville donated a quilt they had made several years ago and it is on display, as well as their picture, in
the Girl Scout exhibit. Beatrice Huebner served as coordinator for Brownies and Girl Scouts then.
Material to make quilts and clothes were ready to be purchased from the travelling Huckster’s wagon
from Zoar Store. The log home has a heavy blue bed cover made by Rosemary Roelle. In the exhibit in
Room One a Cathedral Window quilt draws your eye’s attention. It carefully stitched, pieced and quilted
by 79 year old Elsie Traylor of Ireland. It was gifted to the museum by granddaughter Gale Karnowski.

Several quilts are hanging in order to view the beautiful patterns. Be sure to step into the temporary
display to view them. The family of the late Emma Schipp loaned an embroidered quilt made by Emma,
a long time museum volunteer. A Fence Rail pieced quilt is on display in the Civil War area. It was sewn
and made by Aileen Lueken as a gift to her husband Ray’s godchild. Several display cases are filled with
more examples of embroidery patterns, sewing machine items, quilt patterns and so much more. This
“Stitch in Time” exhibit will be only on display from March 1 to October 1. Pick up a visitor’s guide in the
lobby (available after March 10 due to items not placed on display yet from sources) to direct you
through the many displays throughout the 50,000 square feet of exhibits on display at the Dubois
County Museum.

The museum is inviting the Patoka Valley Quilters Guild to display, demonstrate and talk quilts on
Saturday, April 1, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the museum. The Guild will be on hand to showcase many of their members’ quilt and share their love of this beautiful art. Jasper Vac and Sew is invited to
demonstrate the latest models of sewing machines available. Food and refreshments will be available.