How long has the Museum been open?
The Dubois County Museum has been open since August 1999. It was then housed in downtown Jasper inside the oldest brick house in Jasper, built in 1849.

In July of 2004 the Museum had its grand opening in its current location on Newton Street.

Where do the exhibits and artifacts come from that are in the Museum?
Exhibits and artifacts have been mostly donated by residents in Dubois County.
How many artifacts does the Museum have?

Currently the Museum has more than 50,000 artifacts.
The Museum has the largest Agriculture display of any museum in the state.

How large is the Museum?
The Museum has 50,000 square feet that is currently being used by exhibits. It has a total of almost 150,000 square feet that it owns, so there is plenty of room for future growth and expansion.
How is the Museum funded?
The Dubois County Museum is funded through donations, memberships, and rental income.