Several members of the Patoka Valley Quilters Guild will be at the Dubois County Museum on Saturday,
April 1, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for a special quilt showing and informational display on
quilting. Each year members of the guild present a program for the Fourth Grade Students of the county
at the museum to give a history lesson on the evolution of the art of quilting and the making of these
useful and decorative blankets. This year the guild is asked to set up this display early for interested
quilters. The guild will be displaying many beautiful examples of quilts which show a variety of quilting
styles and methods for interested visitors to the museum on April 1. Visitors will have a one on one
chance to talk to the quilters to inquire on the skill and methods used to produce a quilt today. Jasper
Vac and Sew, a local sewing machine business, has consented to loan out a late model machine for a
demonstration of its capabilities. Marcia Werne will be the demonstrator. A light fair of food and
refreshments will be available to visitors. The Exhibit “A Stitch in Time” is on display at the museum with
about fifty quilts and sewing items on display through-out the museum. A guide to direct visitors to the
many quilts on display at the museum is available in the lobby area.