The Dubois County Museum at 2704 N Newton Street in Jasper welcomes the public to visit the
museum and cast your vote for the best photo in the 1 st Annual Photo Contest. The theme of
the contest is “Your Favorite Photo”. Exactly 100 photos have been submitted to the contest.
The photos on display have a variety of subjects from flowers, animals, birds, landscapes,
family, nature, waterfalls, sunsets, macro pics of spider webs and cuddly family pets. Photos will
be on display for viewing and public voting through June 2, 2024. The public is encouraged to
participate in the voting. You are asked to choose three photos (because the organizers know it
is hard to just choose one)! The votes will be tabulated and the highest vote getters will be
deemed the champions. There will be cash prizes awarded in each category to those receiving
the highest votes. Thank you to Smithville Communications for the financial support. There will
also be a special award presented that is judged by local photographers, B.C. Baggett and Kia
Winners will be announced June 3, 2024, via Facebook and through local media. After the
contest, all photos may be picked up at the Museum between June 4 and June 15.
Ballots are available at the lobby desk. Admission to the museum will be charged to those
wishing to enter to vote. After voting for your favorite photo, you are welcome to explore the
50,000 square feet of exhibits. Check out the two new exhibits, Beauty and Barber Shops and
Wood Industry in Dubois County.