Local historian Delbert “Junie” Himsel will be heading the Summer Lecture Series
“Let’s Talk” on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

The program begins at 1:30pm in the Log House area, at the Dubois County Museum.

Junie will be speaking on “Cemeteries are like Museums”.

Mr. Himsel is a local historian from Ireland, Indiana. He has been on the Board of Shiloh Cemetery for 50
years and Lemmon Church Board for 25 years. During that time he was instrumental in
getting both entities in the Natural Register of Historic Places. At 2017 he and his wife
Sharon wrote a bicentennial book about Ireland’s first 200 years. In 2002 he
established a website for Ireland area at irelandindiana.com. He also is a cofounder
of the Ireland Historical Society and remains active in the society. Since 1985 his
hobby has been repairing pioneer cemeteries in the tristate area. He has restored
markers and also searched out those buried without markers. Along the way he was
finding interesting facts about our early settlers. He will share at his lecture the
historical things he learned while working in these cemeteries.

Don’t miss this chance to hear Junie speak.


photo of Junie Himsel