The Dubois County Museum regrets to announce that the presentation by Danny Russel as Daniel Boone
on July 29 at the museum is cancelled.

Mr. Russel informed the museum of a death in his family and that he will not be able to attend the scheduled program.

The museum hopes to reschedule the program.


The Dubois County Museum at 2704 N. Newton Street in Jasper, welcomes on Saturday, July 29, 2023, at
10:30 a.m., our finest frontiersman, Daniel Boone, in the person of Danny Russel, for a dynamic
portrayal of this complex character of a man.

Russel has spent considerable time researching and compiling his show during visits to Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri to learn where and how Boone lived, hunted, fought and dreamed of the next frontier.

Boone’s remarkable achievements and his crucial role in Westward Expansion were detailed in a 1784
published work by John Filson. The book depicts Boone as a natural leader, a survivor of ambushes,
captures and desperate defenses, leaving behind lands he had discovered, protected, settled and
improved. Russel will guide listeners through tales of this legendary pioneer and pathfinder, master
hunter, woodsman, wilderness scout, expert marksman and gunsmith, statesman and Revolutionary
War hero. Russel will bring Daniel Boone to life with his portrayal and stories.