The Dubois County Museum welcomes visitors in to check out the newest temporary exhibit on
display, “Beauty and Barber Shops”.

The exhibit is set to open on Friday, March 1. It is set up in Room One behind the military display.

The museum’s temporary exhibit area is featuring many unique items. Many of the vintage items
on display come from local beauty and barber shops. Check out the items donated by the Pfeffer
family and used in Aurelia Fuhs Pfeffer’s Beauty Shop. The shop was operated by Mrs. Pfeffer
beginning in the 1940’s and was located on W. 9 th Street in Jasper. An almost futuristic (or
could we say-torturous) piece used by Mrs. Pfeffer was a 1940’s Frederics Permanent Wave
Machine that took its many arms and clipped them onto strands of hair to electrically wave the
hair. How safe it was for the sake of looking fashionable may be questionable by a younger

Also in the Beauty Shop side of the display are various hair dryers, curlers and methods to give
perms, wigs, hair color options, cosmetics, various AVON perfume bottles, a manicure station,
shop signs, pictures, certificates and awards from local beauty shops. Many small items were
donated by various people and will be identified as coming from local businesses. All these items
are great conversation items for one generation to share with the younger generation.
Michael Cravener recently donated “new” (or new to the museum) barber shop items. Many of
these items came from the Summers Barber Shop previously located at 116 E. 5th Street in
Jasper.  Michael donated many small items such as razors, scissors, shaving mugs, brushes,
textbooks, and photos.  A vintage brass towel warmer and spittoon used at the Summers Barber
Shop are also displayed.   A 100 year old barber chair and a large barber sign came from the
Charles Maxwell, Jr. collection.
Do not leave the museum without visiting the Barber Shop exhibit permanently displayed in the
Main Street Dubois County area of the museum.  Many other interesting items from Mr.
Maxwell’s barber collection are in that display.

Be sure to mark your calendars and come in on Sunday, March 10 at 1:30pm, to hear a
knowledgeable group of hairdressers/cosmetologists and barbers sharing their stories and
experiences from their many years of working in the beauty field. Humorous and life stories will
sure to flow from local hairdressers Irene Kapp, Bonnie Gehlhausen Matheis, Sandy Hoing and
Kelli Hecker and barbers Greg Kendall, Gene Mehringer, Gary Frank and Bill Uebelhor.

Gary Frank and Kelly are still working in the field. Gary has been working for many years in his shop
on Main Street in Jasper and Kelli is a hair designer/cosmetologist working in Louisville, KY.
She will share how she created her business and what it takes to be a successful businesswoman
today. She will especially talk to those who are thinking of learning this trade. She is the
daughter of Mike and Linda Vogler of Celestine. She will be handing out some of her business “Work N Style” grab bags and prizes.

Food and refreshments will be served.