Lions, tigers and bears, Oh My!  Well, not quite lions and tigers, but several bears, including a full sized 10 foot polar bear. The Wildlife Adventure Room (formerly known as the Safari Room) is set to open at the Dubois County Museum, on Sunday, February 28.

After more than four years of acquiring the large collection of mounted animals from now deceased Dubois County resident and big game hunter Frank Fromme’s collection and other animals from the area, planning, building, moving animals, painting, displaying, adding a beautiful, painted mural, gathering sportsmen pictures, and adding identification, this new 2,000 square foot room devoted to wildlife is ready for its Grand Opening.

Doors to the museum will open at 1:00pm (the normal Sunday opening time). The Grand Opening Ceremony will begin at 1:30pm in front of the Log House at the museum.  Coordinator Tom Kellams will speak and then will call upon family, friends, and local sportsmen to give some memories of Frank Fromme’s hunts through the Americas and into Africa, as well as, hunts of their own.

This Room also includes many animals and fish that are present today in the Patoka River and Lake Regions, as well as, a collection of birds from around the world that were used in a Biology Classroom at St. Meinrad Archabbey High School (now closed) and College and donated to this collection.  A Bald Eagle is also on display (with the necessary paper work).  It was formerly housed at Jasper College, then Jasper High School, in the Art Department.  On hand for the program will be local sportsmen and conservation officers to explain the role the hunter has in nature.   In the past few weeks local sportsmen have contributed photos of their catches in an ongoing display for the Local Sportsman’s Wall in the Exhibit Room. Come view the many photos adorning the wall so far.

The museum will be open till 4:00pm for guests to tour the Wildlife Adventure Room, as well as, the many exhibits on display at the museum.  Cookies and refreshments will be available.