Our Collections

The Dubois County Museum’s collections consist of over 56,000 artifacts donated mainly by local people.  Occasionally individuals have learned about our museum and given items that they felt should be part of the collections.  Items are accepted consistent with our mission to “collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Dubois County.” People wanting to donate items to the museum are urged to contact the museum’s Collection Committee before bringing in the items. For information, please call the Collections Chairperson Mary Ann Hayes at 812-634-7733 or email [email protected]. The museum’s collections strengths include historical portraits, photographs, and negatives; military artifacts; sports memorabilia; Native American artifacts; textiles and artifacts from the early 1800’s to the 1900’s; dollhouses and miniatures; a log house; antique farm equipment; woodworking tools; and products made by local factories. All of the museum’s artifacts are curated and cataloged.  Items on exhibit are tracked, and an exhibit record is kept for each item.  All items are cataloged and stored by one of the following divisions:  objects, photos, library, and archives.



Over 19,700 of the museum’s collections are historical objects including furniture, textiles,...



The museum has more than 19,300 photos and a large collection of negatives and images from the...


Library & Archives

The Dubois County Museum’s John J. Fierst Library and Archives has a library of 4,600 books,...


How To Donate Items

ITEM DONATIONS: For individuals wishing to donate an item to the Dubois County Museum, please...